The researchers 365 people with HIV from the community clinics and health maintenance organizations surveyed recruited General requirements were that they be at least 18 years old, speak English, a written consent. Be included free of severe neuropsychological impairments and psychosis, and not in any other HIV behavioral therapy study medical article . Participants were aged 19 to 69, with a mean age of 41 Ninety – two % were male, 70 % of gay and 13 % were bisexual. More than half were ethnic minorities, with African Americans accounting for 21 % of Latinos 31 % and of other non-whites 7 %. Eighty-eight % were high school graduates, and 62 % had completed at least one year of college. Seventy-seven % services received from a non – HMO clinic. Over time for regular check-ups the participants were in a private room, where questions questions about their sexual behavior on laptop computers for this purpose. Questions on the number of participants sexual partners, the HIV status of each partner and the number of sexual acts with them carried out, and the number of times that condoms were used.

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