However, interferon beta efficacy efficacy as a treatment for multiple sclerosis. While the exact method achieved with interferon beta – 1a its beneficial effects in multiple sclerosis remains unknown, some researchers believe it may reduce inflammation. Studies looking, such as interferon-beta acts in the laboratory suggest it can to stop harmful cells in the brain. Tested tested in humans not.. Interferons – these drugs seem to slow down the progression of the deterioration of the symptoms of MS. However, they must be used with care, they also cause liver damage. Interferon alpha used for the treatment of some cancers, but has no effect on multiple sclerosis.

50 percent of patients with relapsing forms of MS are used, Unfortunately, it is this this form of the disease in a decade before disease modifying drugs were available. How long will the new drugs, the progression remains to be seen.Hrsg:. Fulltexts studies be on of the Academy Media Relations department spoke.

On 117 million people the United States using the Internet in order accessed of conventional and complement / alternative medicine info. Sub glaucoma patients an estimated 5.4 % use CAM therapies, and many at percent Fourteen international sites discount products and / and services for sale.

The most frequently recommended CAM therapy was: vitamin C., the herbal forskolin and ginkgo biloba and nutrients alpha-lipoic acid, TMA / flavinoids and vitamin E. The authors concluded: ‘Medical transmitted information through the Internet of varying quality of varying quality? Many of source included information on therapies which basis base and patients can at risk. ‘and encouraged ophthalmologists to to become aware of CAM-for – of glaucoma Internet contents such that they can help patient educated decisions. Strike.