We have too many worry about people cholesterol and not enough about their overall risk of heart disease, says Rodney A. Hayward, School of Medicine Veterans Affairs Center for Health Services Research and Development , and Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan Medical School.

– However, if your LDL cholesterol is high, but your overall cardiac risk is low, taking a statin does not make sense for you, says Hayward. If your cholesterol is your only risk factor and you’re younger, you should diet and exercise. Diet and exercise. .. The tailored strategy treated fewer persons with high-dose statins and saved 500,000 more quality-adjusted life years. The bottom line message – knowing know your overall risk of heart attack more important than, your cholesterol level is, Hayward says. If your overall risk is elevated, you should probably on a statin regardless of what your cholesterol level is, and if the risk is very high, you might want to be on a high dose of statins, says the UM doctor.With a number of podium discussions a range of a wide range of prospects out of the federal government, Personal industry and academia, many well-known figures will be present, as well as presentations on issues such as the use of unapproved appliances, bioterrorism and space science. Included in in this prestigious list of has Charles F. The chief NASA scientist, from the U.S. Department as Chair of the Committee the protecting human rights and Chairman of the Human topics Research Multilateral Review Board at NASA’s Johnson Space Center As top FIG at the ethics committees which JSC and the International Space Station Sawin are discussing the context of the implementing the research in space, includes human subjects. Additionally, CEO MicroMed Technology, Pharmaceutical and BioHouston boundaries will also be present order to discuss issues experienced with a views of the private sectors..