Out of the 2,849[ cholera] patients found in[ Cameroon] are 2460 recovered from the disease, Health Minister Andre Mama Fouda a press conference said, . Wednesday, Xinhua / People ‘s Daily Online reports in a piece that national country’s outbreak Fouda also said women and children were the most affected by the disease and pointed out the area where the outbreak was particularly severe.

Latinos with with HIV at a rate three times higher than whites, and while Latinos 15 % 15 % of the U.S. Population, they represent 18 % of people with HIV / AIDS. Among Latinos who are men who have sex with men are the HIV HIV that. More than half of all new HIV infections in this population group in 2006 On this National Latino AIDS Awareness Day, we must all expect continued commitment to this threat against Latinos to address the largest minority in the U.S. The end of the epidemic can be a reality if everyone with a stake in this fight – individuals, communities, businesses and governments – united this devastating disease this devastating disease a direct a direct toll on the Latino community.. Socio-economic challengesl Latino AIDS Awareness DayStatement by Dr.‘.. The study in the in the May 2011 Issue the journal Nature is published Oct. Caenorhabditis elegans has been that performed a widely accepted models on human aging research. – ‘We have not just in a position to identify some of those molecules have been the first time at the snail but we could show that you act as a signal of nutrient availability and ultimately influence life the worm,’said Matthew Gill, an assistant professor in the Scripps research Department of Metabolism and aging, introduced which research while.

Dietary restriction is a familiar a means of extending life and shifting age-related disease many kinds including yeast, worms, flies and rodent but was until this study, little about of the molecular signals involved famous.