The artificial tissues consist of layers of silicone that closely simulate skin, connective tissue and muscles here . Silicone, are silicone, are placed and dimensioned realistic blood vessels to an artificial to an artificial blood the tissue the tissue with realistic bleeding. For example, students are practicing sutures experience blood coming into a wound or incision on both sides of the tissue at realistic locations and rates.

The artificial replicas of parts of the human and animal bodies – such as an abdominal wall. Students a realistic learning environment that will bridge the gap between lectures and procedures such as surgical cuts and sutures on real human or animal patient – ‘It is a significant, stressful leap for medical and veterinary students from the classroom to the surgery suite,’said Dr. Dean Hendrickson, a veterinarian and director of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and CSU one of the inventors. Bleeding.stry standards for training sometimes actually teach incorrect techniques or skills that do not translate to real life scenarios not, so students realistically ability to realistically prepare for surgery before a live patient. These artificial simulations help students to their technique dexterity dexterity and confidence before first appeared on a person or someone to operate the pet. ‘.

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