Microglia are for defense to ward functions. On astrocytes and microglia may be abnormal inflammatory responses that can harm neurons and other brain cells.. Occur, the abnormal A-beta impairs the synaptic connections between neurons. These synapses control the communication between brain cells, including how memory is processed. Beside neurons A-beta also engages astrocytes and microglial cells. Astrocytes are an important cell type that provides nutrients to neurons.

‘While we know this has some effect on brain function, we do not know how toxic it is, or at what stage the toxicity begins. During the past five years, we have begun to understand how this disease works. By grant grant, we will be able to move forward and see if there are treatments that can modify the cellular response in the brain, ‘.. ‘When the A-beta protein comes together in the plaque, it will an abnormal an abnormal shape , which is toxic to cells,’said Sun.Many people are over age 65 complaining of breathlessness and shortness of. Often the cause this symptom is appears obvious , either cardiac or respiratory disease origin. In other cases, the reason being is less obvious.

A glimpse of this an insight into this matter, Claire de Bisschop and colleagues examined has a population of 1,318 subject aged 66 to 88 years old selected random from entire population of the town of Bordeaux and its suburbs.