The results showed that normal micturition after removal of the catheter and during follow-up of 1, 8 and 27 months was achieved. Treatment treatment and cystoscopy 3 months after operation showed a good urethra patentcy. No Stress incontinence was reported.

The three patients were 60 – year-old undergone undergone multiple urethral dilations and internal urethrotomies a history of recurrent urinary tract infections and obstructive voiding symptoms. All patients were undergoing intermittent self-catheterization use during 2 to 4 years before agreeing to corrective surgery with a dorsal onlay graft urethroplasty.Sermon customers on direct entrance a fresh flow from with actionable intelligence about new medical trends at physicians at the front of that day drugs devices and applications on the test every., for further information.. About SermonSermo, 000 U.S. Doctors working in severe cases, share observations, clinical and work together to much more than just she can achieve single. Sermon technology uses this with collective understanding on health care institutions, financial institutions and government.