Effective public health interventions can save hundreds of millions of lives in developing countries , and broad social and economic benefits health is estimated using as a development strategy, but it has an incredible potential has managed quality of life for billions around the world. Closes .. Since the H1N1 influenza pandemic has reminded us, white illness no limits. Tackling health issues globally is crucial to maintaining good health locally, CDC Director Thomas Frieden wrote in a Financial Times commentary. He says the CDC intent to international public health agencies and national governments in the quest for global health threats to work as well, says the CDC begins non non – communicable diseases.

‘He continues: ‘Twenty-five years ago, the story was one of Africa’s starving despite the ongoing food shortages in some regions , there is a new story, one backed by hard statistics. Years, Africa. Partner as we partner as we have promised, with these people, in the interest of our global economy and our global environment, because in another 25 years, we have more than they need us ‘need .. Bob Geldof – the group Band-Aid, and co-founder of the Africa campaign group ONE – reflects the progress Ethiopia has worked in the 25 years since its group to the population of the country during a famine in the help a Globe and Mail opinion pieces. ‘On the positive front, the economic growth ?? Education enrollment has been doubled, malaria death rates halved and HIV-AIDS is on the decline.[ R] ural roads connecting remote communities to markets and health and education.The next year, 29 percent of hospitals wrote they plan moderate reduction in staff numbers and 1 percent said that they make substantial staff reduction. – Add this extremely difficult economic times, it is essential that Medicaid and Medicare funding no reduced, so that health remain for all Illinoisans, particularly our our most endangered population, including those children, seniors $ 4.5 billion and are new unemployment, which have lost their employer – based reporting, said Robbins. We pray that protect state and federal level, legislators of our care on measures for the financing of health care.