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Is a progressive little use in treating dementiainvestigation, diagnosis and treatment of dementia will increasingly GPs GPs role as the number of new cases in Australia it is to about 175,000 per year up 2050.John McNeil, Head of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine Monash University, and his co – authors write that elective surgery waiting periods should be be defined explicitly, to be a valid evaluation of the wait time to surgery, and measured in standardized way. This should be taken into consideration time waiting on primary care and specialist for appointments, to accept appear until patient wait for performed. Said, ‘The lack of reproducibility of, and the susceptibility to manipulation, which are the features some of the[current] system to access and Performance Indicator limit the value of the information gathered, ‘Professor McNeil. Prof. McNeil said decisions about that urgency categories patients to be assigned to not always consistent and recommended by wait times have not always as clinically appropriate.

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