Previous UM studies have shown that die head and neck cancer patients who reported lower physical quality of life often of her illness. ‘Sleep problems are a common complaint among head and neck cancer patients and have reduce the quality reduce the quality of life, of Nursing, School. Mental health and serve as an indicator of other complications in the treatment of cancer can also have negative effects on the immune system and the ability to deal with stresses of the diagnosis, ‘says senior study author Jeffrey Terrell, professor of otolaryngology at the UM Medical School.. Because these side effects can be controlled or modified, the study suggests that reducing these factors in head and neck cancer patients may be required to improve sleep hygiene and enhance the quality of life.

The results of the study appear in the current online version of the journal The Laryngoscope. And neck cancer and neck cancer patients have a high prevalence of pain compared to other types of cancer pain and pain associated with insomnia depression in cancer patients depression in cancer patients, and the majority of depressed patients report some sleep disturbances, ‘says Terrell. The study radiation therapy can contribute to head and neck cancer, dry mouth, which requires excessive drinking and urinating at night. ‘.70-minute Hinders Football capacity – posted dehydrated a reduction in a decline in power on the basketball court, according to to a study recently been vest in Medicine & Sci Sports, the official journal of American College of Sports Medicine .

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