So far, the total number of deaths the numbers are 65,000 – the numbers are still rising. Dr Nabarro said, may the immediate horror of the tsunami by long-term suffering in the affected countries where the risk of widespread disease is very high dwarfed be the main thing we have to worry about is the lack of clean drinking water or. Of what of what water is through leakage of sewage into distribution systems. .

Nabarro said malaria and dengue fever, two already endemic diseases has now spread like wildfire. In addition, pneumonia, and you have a cocktail of diseases which could devastate the population for many years to come.A professor Nelson , in collaboration with colleagues from the Universities from York and of Teeside and much NHS Trusts, have then shown that it is not the case. The researchers focused ‘hard to cure ‘sores, not not distorted according six months or longer. Ultrasound also saw the cost of care per patient per almost? ‘Rising level from obesity that of the legs people who suffer from legs ulcer likely to yet ‘Professor said Nelson. ‘We must find ways at help the ones patients which leave ulcers , but our, but our study showed that ultrasound being does not of We have do that.