Taxotere is a key growth driver for Aventis and is the foundation of the company oncology franchise. Taxotere for the treatment of for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer and non-small cell extensively and is being studied extensively in clinical trials for safety and efficacy in head and neck, early-stage breast cancer and gastric cancer.

Abstract# 4.00 to 03.15 clock , Hall F[v] A second presentation A second presentation by Mario by Mario Eisenberger, Dale Hughes, professor of oncology and urology at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center feature data from TAX 327, a multicenter phase III trial comparing the combination of Taxotere and prednisone the current standard treatment regimen of mitoxantrone plus prednisone in patients with androgen-independent metastatic prostate cancer[i] A.ReferenceCuzick J. ‘Effect ‘Effect of anastrozole with tamoxifen as adjuvant treatment to early-stage breast cancer 10 year 10-year analysis of the ATAC study. The Lancet Oncology .

Both medicines are known to have various side effects The rate for uterine cancer was found to be slightly smaller in women. On anastrozole , but they were more likely to experience weakening of bones caused by osteoporosis time lower a few cases of blood clots in veins, such as deep vein thrombosis with anastrozole.