It’s not like smoking where you wait 10 or 15 years for the risk have come down to. the WHI study stopped when the first results showed the increased risk of breast cancer and heart cardiovascular symptoms in women, the combined hormone therapy. ‘s message P.aster than before. – not remain on hormone therapy for a long time and only use if. For short-term use of severe symptoms, and use lower doses.

So Chlebowski and colleagues the data differently reanalyzed – how the how the cases of breast cancer evolved over the period of the study and found that for 15,387 of the women, the risk increased when the hormones on the hormones started gradually rose as it progresses, its climax , when they heard, and went down again as the women stopped the therapy.Six months later to the open-label extension log , patients are Almost all switch weapons. Almost all patients who the Phase 3 clinical trials to attend the open-label extension study, the choice of either to every two weeks, or the every 4 weeks, 8 mg of Puricase treating arm are finished. Which open-label extension log is ongoing. One follow-on open-label extension protocol for another twelve months is scheduled, irrespective of whether patients choose to continued to receive Puricase or whether you enter the Observatory arm of the trial..