Carrollton Orthopaedic Clinic, Carrollton, Georgia.. ApaTech is a world leader in applying the science of silicon to bone graft technology.

The authors concluded that both clinical results and fusion were achieved compared to those routinely with ICBG, without side effects.The second study involved 69 patients with degenerative lumbar spine disease, of whom 45 % had two levels fused, and 41 % at at three or more levels. All patients underwent a standard posterolateral spinal fusion with ActifuseTM.

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The scientists led by Carol Wise, at Scottish Rite Hospital, collected data on 52 families having a history of scoliosis to minimum of two members – one that the treatment and others in previous generations. The patients did has an average curvature of the spine of 40 degrees and have no illness, like Marfan syndrome and palsy, to can well include scoliosis. Researchers conducted genome-wide scans, which itself written the 6 billion letters of the genetic code in the affected family members and analyzed which information.