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– Determine supplies needed to promote respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette, such as tissues and alcohol-based hand sanitizer products and develop a plan it them.

On ELONVA – ELONVA is an investigational drug as a potential treatment into COS in combination with an GnRH antagonist for the development of multiple follicles in women who developed in an ART programs. ELONVA be formed as SFS of the same pharmaco my Profile such as rFSH but with an clearly longer duration of FSH activity. In patients initiating and sustained multiple follicular growth for a whole week can replace a single subcutaneous injection of the recommended dose of ELONVA which the first seven injections of with daily rFSH preparation in a COS treatment cycle.

ELONVA was the first the category of ongoing follicles stimulant . And its great capacity initiate and sustainably multiple follicular growth for a whole week a single subcutaneous injection a single subcutaneous injection at the recommended dose by ELONVA to the first seven injection of with daily recombinant follicle stimulating hormone formulation in an COS of treatment. ‘ELONVA are the loading out of injections of for women, difficulty reducing designing, and the positive opinion of is an important step in direction a European marketing authorization, ‘said Miriam mole Arts, senior vice president of, Merck Research Laboratories. ‘ELONVA displays Merck his commitment effective patient -oriented infertility treatment and enhanced that leadership position into area. ‘.