Forget the days to change their contacts is most common carriers as the reason for not changing them as dependent cited. However, according to to a new survey of contact lens wearers, ACUMINDER, a free online reminder tool will help them change their behavior.

‘the observance of the prescribed replacement schedules and recommended wearing time schedules, and regular return visits the eye doctor for annual checkups are essential for good health eye eyes, which is why a reminder service such ACUMINDER is so valuable, ‘says Chicago-based optometrist Michael Slusky, OD ‘By not following instructions on proper wear and care properties contact lens wearers are more likely to experience discomfort and can put a higher risk for infection or other serious complications.The meaning of of early preventiondone Study, to scientists from the Carlos III Health Institute and the Public University of Navarra, suggests D of the progress in treating breast cancer achieved early prevention Programmes. Play a fundamental part in reduce mortality.

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