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School children probably twice as likely to catch H1N1 influenza as adults, as such health policies often stress hand hygiene among school children as a low-cost intervention can help prevent influenza from spreading.‘compositions and processes for the Improvement of Human Female Sexual Dysfunction.’ – Commenting today’s news, said Dr. Bassam Damaj , President and Chief Executive Officer Apricus Bio, ‘We are very satisfied with our first patent allowance for Femprox in Japan forward we will continue to aggressively pursuing IPR (. / 3 covering for our technology and product candidates in development and that grant increases the magnitude our entire IP heading. In addition to newly allowed claims in Japan, us. Respective cover and protection for Femprox in many other major international markets The further development of of our patent portfolio come at an optimal time in active discussions in active discussions having potential partners to out time – X Femprox. ‘.

In a number of patents and pending applications to Apricus Bio possesses in Femprox and of underlying NexACT technology.. Said Dr Announces First Pat subsidy to Femprox In JapanApricus Biosciences , backed by a revenue generating CRO company looking the use of its multi-route NexAC drug delivery technologies internal pipeline internal pipeline with out-licensing partnerships Legal announced today in that the Japanese Patent Office has a decision concerning a patent the company be entitled the request for Femprox,. ‘compositions and methods for improving the Human Female Sexual Dysfunction ‘issued a decision That patent, if exhibited will be have Japanese patent protection December 2019 and is a.