With the technique, Dr http://filagrasildenafil.com/users-reviews . Ahrens and colleagues asked the question: have zebrafish adjust their behavior in response to changes in their environment? ,, they are the virtual environment to simulate the fish manipulated manipulated muscular . This served as a simplified version of of what happens when the brain has as drives behavior, for example, when the water temperature changes the effectiveness of the muscle when the fish is injured adapt. Adds: adds: The paralyzed fish in a virtual world actually fit their behavior by reducing the amount of impulses sent to the brain, muscles you have muscle you have also remember the change for a while imaging the brain during anywhere. This behavior we have found certain brain regions that were involved, especially the cerebellum and related structures This technique opens up the possibility that at some point the behavior used to insight gain in the human motor control and motor control deficits. Our own engine control continuously recalibrate themselves in a similar way to the fish with constantly changing conditions of our body and the environment, when we hurt one leg, or if we have to deal with on a slippery ground on foot or with a heavy bag of the zebra fish. Behavior is an ultra – simplified version of this and we were able to in a glimpse of how to gain the brain structures driving. This could one day help us to understand how integrated damage to specific regions of the brain in humans, the way in which the brain sensory information to control body movements concerns .

The researchers conclude:’Detailed safety of tenofovir for pre-exposure prophylaxis must confirmation of long-term follow-up of a large number of exposed children.for example,ain activity of zebrafish in a virtual environment with unprecedented resolutionresearchers a new technique that can measure their brain activity in large populations of nerve cells in the resolution of individual cells have developed. The technique, reported in the journal Nature, has was in zebrafish designed to represent a simplified model of how brain regions work together to control flexible behavior.

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