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A promising biomarker response to radiotherapyIn another report, Ioannis Trigonis from Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre and The Christie Hospital, Manchester, describes the results of an assessment of the F-18 fluorothymidine , a tracer molecule in PET scan to measure the tumor cell proliferation.

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CMS last week announced that it has 100,000 Medicare beneficiaries enrolled a pilot test program that ensure a coordinated care for people with multiple chronic diseases, to Wall Street Journal reports. CMS say that person make having five or more chronic conditions, 23 percent of Medicare beneficiaries, however on 68 percent of the charges. Often often during ‘under supervision of more specialists one another with each other, shares medical records or coordination treatment diagrams, ‘this risk that they ‘will be admitted to hospital where suggest different doctors conflicting treatments or care for a condition of rental another going silently, ‘that Journal reported. ‘ ‘test if a new layer which maintenance may indeed reduce costs in the long run,’the Journal reported. CMS to pay eight enterprises – including Aetna, Health Dialog and Healthways – coordinated any monthly fees the cultivation beneficiaries. Not as effective as nurses in call centers, and some will be make house calls in to verify on which patients. The company have refundable several and all of the charges, where not to cut 5 percent of costs and indicate that the beneficiary is healthier and more satisfied by of your quality of the care. James Pope, Chief Medical Officer at Healthways, said: ‘We are not trying insert us of roller creating a seek medical maintenance plan, but we are forming and empowering patients, by asking them If you decide that two drugs that you take to know the same thing. ‘But,’tell many doctors are to supervise the use of third-party chronic disease management companies the patients from a distance, is not as effective as monitoring with one Doctors power supply, ‘says the Journal. A free service of The Henry J. Releases. Kaiser Family Foundation. 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.