Make physicians worry whether the risks outweigh the benefits, adds Woolford, who is also an assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases at UM. young people young people be able to what the weight loss and the psychological results would to maintain in their future, are still being researched still being researched . When results for adults for adults , it may be significant weight loss and health benefits. Can doctors possibility possibility of bariatric surgery for teens may do this because studies have shown that obesity in adolescents has long-term health effects, even if patients eventually lose weight, the authors write Adolescent . Also be difficult socially and emotionally for extremely obese adolescents.

Researchers interviewed a national sample of pediatricians and family physicians for their opinions on referring adolescents for bariatric surgery. They discovered half of these physicians would not see it as for adolescent patients. – ‘We still have a lot of of the long-term effects of bariatric surgery in adolescents learn,’says Susan Woolford, medical director of the Pediatric Comprehensive Weight Management Center at the University of Michigan, ‘But recent studies suggest that it may help may health outcomes of severely obese adolescents. ‘.

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Lithium LY, Ding TJ Sex Medical Oct 2010 11th Epub ahead of print. Doi: 10.1743 – 6109.xby Editor Christopher P. FACS WrittenUroToday – the only one Urologist website to your original content written of world urological key opinion leaders actively engaged in clinical practice. For the latest urological Press Releases dated UroToday to access. – Penile length and girth of is reported decreases following radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer . However, it is not know whether patients may experience similar shortcomings after HIFU and focused A cryoablation of prostate . A report in the online version of this Journal of Sexual Medicine by Dr. Li and colleagues form of China evaluated the problem.