2013 Outlook Based on results through the third one fourth of 2013 and expected trends for the balance of the calendar year, the Company raised the low end of its guidance range for full calendar year Cash From Facility Operations to a new range between $2.40 and $2.45 per share, excluding integration, transaction-related and EMR roll-out costs. These estimates include expected accretion from the Chartwell portfolio acquisition, but usually do not include the effect on operating results from other possible future dispositions or acquisitions..Lack of either ME1 or ME2 reduced tumor weight, despite having p53-null tumor cells, which suggests yet another, p53-independent function of malic enzymes.And, overexpression of malic enzymes resulted in bigger tumors. According to Yang, the study pegs malic enzymes as molecular players linking senescence and metabolic state. Those enzymes could potentially serve as anticancer medication targets, he says. But important equally, they may are likely involved in the normal procedure for cellular aging also. Senescence is ageing at the cellular level, says Yang, who notes that considerable research offers demonstrated a correlation between caloric lifespan and restriction.