Aspirin therapy may extend lifestyle of colorectal cancer patients with PIK3CA mutation Aspirin therapy may extend the life span of colorectal cancer sufferers whose tumors carry a mutation in an integral gene, but has no effect on patients who lack the mutation, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientists survey in the Oct. 25 issue of the brand new England Journal of Medication. In a report involving a lot more than 900 individuals with colorectal cancer, the researchers discovered that, for patients whose tumors harbored a mutation in the gene PIK3CA, aspirin make use of produced a sharp jump in survival: five years after medical diagnosis, 97 % of these taking aspirin had been alive still, compared to 74 % of those not using aspirin erectile dysfunction treatments .

Aspirin might drive back colon cancer in some Aspirin might reduce risk for cancer of the colon dramatically, according to a fresh study. But, the result seems to end up being limited to people who lack specific genetic mutations linked with tumor risk. The study that looked at 130 nearly,000 people adds even more evidence to the inexpensive, chalky white pill’s disease-fighting properties and its own limitations. This finding further helps the usage of aspirin for preventing colorectal malignancy, but adds an additional nuance, in that not absolutely all colon cancers behave the same manner, study writer Dr. Andrew Chan, a gastroenterologist from the Massachusetts General Medical center in Boston, informed Medscape. Health Aspirin may reduce risk for melanoma Melanoma may be the most dangerous form of skin cancers and rates have already been increasing in recent years.