The actual detection of Clostridium difficile bacterium by stool cultures can also be done. This, however, might take a few times, which may delay the procedure and diagnosis. C. Diff culture could be positive in a carrier; however, the strain of the organism may be one that does not cause infection. Other checks used to identify C. Difficile colitis certainly are a CT scan of the belly, which may present thickening of the wall structure of the colon, signifying inflammation. This finding isn’t specific as it might be present in other inflammatory diseases of the colon; however, it could add further evidence for C. Difficile colitis in the correct clinical setting. Sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy are other procedures which may be useful in the evaluation of C. Difficile colitis. These methods involve inserting an endoscope , that includes a surveillance camera and a light source at the tip, into the colon from the rectum.In the Connecticut race for Senate, The Middletown Press reports that state Lawyer General Richard Blumenthal is usually touting the new legislation in his struggle with wrestling entertainment mind Linda McMahon. ‘I support medical care reform bill as a good start,’ he stated. ‘My experience with several healthcare issues comes from my dealing with people who’ve been denied medical care insurance.’ He said those cases have been his most satisfying.