This is actually the first study to show that a pre-existing anxiety disorder can be an independent risk factor for subsequent onset of suicidal ideation [thoughts] and attempts, the authors conclude. Moreover, the data clearly demonstrate that co-morbid panic disorders amplify the chance of suicide tries in persons with mood disorders. Policymakers and Clinicians need to be alert to these findings, and further research is required to delineate whether treatment of anxiousness disorders reduces the risk of subsequent suicidal behavior. .. Anxiety disorders increase risk of suicidal thoughts A pre-existing anxiety disorder significantly increases the risk of a subsequent onset of suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts, in the November problem of Archives of General Psychiatry according to a report.They’re not yet swept up with the older chemicals that have been in industrial use for many years. The upper management positions at the FDA, USDA and EPA are corrupted by market lobbyists and former industry insiders who make use of the revolving door system that promotes cronyism at the higher levels of industry and authorities. Here’s a ‘legal’ trick that chemical companies make use of to cover their products’ toxicity. Regulatory agencies only look at the substances of pesticides and herbicides. But there are various other chemicals in a product that are meant to boost the active ingredient. The exact formulas are withheld as proprietary trade secrets.