Colorado health officials stated 21 people there were sickened, and each is recovering. California officials stated five folks have reported feeling sick. Wyoming wellness officials reported that two different people have fallen ill. Officials are investigating various other reported ailments in Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, South Dakota and Texas which may be from the same stress of salmonella, the USDA said. Thursday Federal officials usually do not yet know if those cases are linked to the beef recalled. As the beef was repackaged under different retail brands, USDA recommends consumers talk with the shop where they bought the beef to determine whether what they bought provides been recalled.Legionnaires` disease is spread via drinking water vapor or droplets containing the bacteria usually. It isn’t spread from person to person. A number of different water sources have already been identified as the origin of outbreaks during the last couple of years: Cooling towers and air-conditioning systemsSwimming poolsHot tubs and whirlpoolsWater systems in hospitals and assisted living facilities and hotelsDiligent washing and inspection can avoid the spread of the condition from these resources. Although this is the most common form to spread Legionnaires` disease, there are reviews of people getting ill from contaminated soil.