This is a specialized desk margarine which includes cholesterol in miniscule quantities and is completely free from any hydrogenated body fat. Nutralite wins over additional margarine spreads for its delectable taste. That is one area where Nutralite bridges the gap!. Butter vs margarine: who wins the fight? Let’s face it! The trend for low fat butter was driven by butter and it’s unhealthy impact on the center. Butter has long been a staple of our daily meals, table spreads, snacks and what not really! Butter is one of those pivotal ingredients that no average Indian household can appear to do without at any cost. However, experts have been vocal about the long term cholesterol impact and wellness effects that arise from consuming butter in sizeable doses.The ECM and bone marrow cells could be removed by further ultrasound treatment easily, leaving the scaffold which has almost the same properties as organic human being bone. The resulting bioprocessed anorganic porcine bone retains its initial architecture and components, and is hence, biocompatible and will be implanted securely without the risk of viral illness or immunological response. It is osteoconductive highly, serving as a scaffold which bone cells can attach and grow. It is also highly osteoinductive, stimulating immature bone cells to develop and mature, forming healthy bone cells thus.