Cancer patients continue to be affected by FN due to chemotherapy: Survey Thirty % of patients surveyed skilled an infection as a total result of chemotherapy, 45 % of which were connected with neutropenia or febrile neutropenia according to findings from a pan-European patient and nurse survey presented today at the 7th Annual European Oncology Nursing Culture Spring Convention really effective . Results claim that despite the widespread availability of prophylactic treatments, a substantial number of cancer patients continue to be affected by neutropenia and its effects.

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Cancer rates down, tanning and obesity are issues Fewer Americans are getting cancer, based on the latest survey that looked at three decades worthy of of U.S. Malignancy rates. The new report, wednesday released, found the overall cancer death rate has dropped by 1.5 % annually in adults and 1.7 % in children. Fewer Americans dying of cancer, American Cancer Society says American Cancer Culture report displays disparity in cancer rates: Who’s being left behind? PICTURES: Cancers in the 1800s: 23 rare photos This is very good news, stated Dr. Marcus Plescia of the Centers for Disease Avoidance and Control, among four organizations that worked on the report. There’s been positive momentum for quite some time now and that continues. The rate of new cancer cases offers been inching down at a rate of about half a % each year since 1999.