Cardiac rehabilitation, telephone counseling support exercise maintenance The Miriam Hospital study finds telephone intervention helps keep individuals on trackResearchers from The Miriam Medical center have discovered that patients who have completed cardiac rehabilitation and who receive telephone counseling that facilitates exercise are more likely to adhere to a fitness program. Results of the scholarly study, funded by the National Center, Blood and Lung Institute, are released in the American Journal of Preventive Medication. Traditionally, patients who complete Stage II cardiac rehabilitation often have low prices of maintaining exercise after program completion clients reviews .

‘Capsule endoscopy will now be another device to diagnose celiac disease and detect intestinal damage both prior to and following treatment.’ Additional users of the Mayo Clinic analysis group included Alberto Rubio Tapia, M.D., Carol Van Dyke, Deanna Brogan, Mary Knipschield, Brian Lahr, Ashwin Rumalla, Alan Zinsmeister, Ph.D., and Christopher Gostout, M.D.. Capsule endoscopy detects intestinal damage due to celiac disease Mayo Clinic researchers have found that capsule endoscopy can provide a magnified watch of the intestinal damage caused by celiac disease.