The ALFA 2011 Greatest of the Best Awards program has expanded from prior years. The scheduled program received 140 nominations, a record quantity of submissions. For the first time, allied ALFA members, members of ALFA who serve the senior living industry, could actually win the very much coveted award. Submissions were judged for their uniqueness in the market, innovative use of ideas from outside the industry, impact on residents, their own families, staff and operations, embrace of industry core principles, the effectiveness of quantitative and qualitative results and strategic vision.The ad, that will play on national cable channels for a full week, warns of hidden taxes in the ongoing health care bill that will increase costs for customers at the drugstore, at a healthcare facility and in their paychecks. The Associated Press: Labor leaders, elected officials and progressives are urging President Barack Obama and Congress to create health insurance more affordable for low-income Americans. In addition they said the bill pieces premiums and out-of-pocket costs at amounts that low-income households could handle.