This one imager based DMLC monitoring system was shown to have sub-millimeter accuracy for most types of prostate movement. Precise alignment of the procedure beam with the tumor position is vital in radiotherapy treatments, as it can reduce the odds of complications due to the treatment. ‘We’ve demonstrated that image-based monitoring during arc radiotherapy can be done completely without MV images, which is an important step along the way to image-based monitoring during arc treatment delivery.’ Corey Zankowski, Varian’s senior director of product management, said, ‘This analysis paves the way for real-time tracking of the DMLC with tumor motion during advanced arc therapy treatments, that ought to allow clinicians to reduce treatment margins around the tumor.No more than 20 percent of sufferers with lung nodules going through needle or medical biopsies already have a malignant lung nodule. Therefore, many individuals with benign nodules go through unnecessary invasive techniques. The laboratory-based blood check measures proteins expression to differentiate between benign lung nodules and early-stage cancer with no need for an invasive check. The advancement of Indi’s check involved the usage of multiple reaction-monitoring mass spectroscopy coupled with bioinformatics and systems biology. This mix of technology allowed the experts to measure the diagnostic power of 371 potential lung tumor biomarkers in an incredible number of different mixtures before buying the diagnostic classifier these data indicate is definitely most effective, identifying 13 blood vessels proteins that could distinguish among benign lung nodules and early-stage lung malignancy reliably.