She was basically saying, it’s ridiculous that we have to leave home, drive 600 kilometers north in the center of her being told that she’s dying of a brain tumor, Maynard’s hubby, Dan Diaz, informed CBS News. Nobody should have to do that. Diaz made a promise to Maynard weeks before she passed away: to battle so nobody else has to proceed through what she went through and to try to pass legislation. He gave up his job to utilize the right-to-die advocacy group Choices and Compassion. I am keeping my promise for Brittany and fulfilling that promise, but it certainly is bittersweet, he said.By itself from The National Vaccine Damage Compensation Program. Following California example Relating to the pro-GMO labeling measure, that law has also been challenged by corporate passions, in the full case by Big Food, for lack of a better term. But regardless of the challenges, up to now the state is winning the legal fight and the law is expected to kick in as planned July 1, 2016. But to numerous, that victory is being seriously overshadowed by the increased loss of vaccine choice. Age Of Autism primarily reported on the development aswell: Friday, 10th April, Jennifer Stella, head of the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice discovered that Sen.