Australian bionic ear pioneer awarded science medal University of Melbourne Laureate Professorial Fellow and bionic ear canal pioneer Professor Graeme Clark offers been awarded the 2006 Ian Wark Medal from the Australian Academy of Research. Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Melbourne for 34 years, Professor Clark was among the earliest inventors, implementers and investigators of cochlear implantation and the bionic ear. The University of Melbourne appointed Graeme Clark among its inaugural Laureate Professors in 1999, an honour reserved for the most effective & most distinguished of its educational personnel.The results could be due to the fact that particular antioxidant might help in terms of preventing the development of cancers cells, cardiovascular disease among other illnesses. The antioxidant is found in orange fruit and veggies like carrots, winter squash, oranges and tangerines. The study has been published and will be presented in the March problem of the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Cardiac Dimensions adds $8.5 million to its announced financing previously.