BioCap conference showcased lifestyle sciences businesses in the North The initial BioCap conference organised by Bionow, a not for profit membership organisation for the biomedical / life-sciences industry, was an excellent success, combining the forces of science and financial investment enabling businesses from all around the North to secure essential funding. Life research and biotechnology businesses from over the North pitched to traders at the BioCap Meeting including Spectromics, a spin right out of the University of Manchester, that was formed this year. Neil Butler CEO at Spectromics spoke of the technology that may give a 10 minute check that can be completed at the Point-of-Prescription, informing the healthcare worker if the individual has a infection and if just what exactly antibiotics will become most efficacious click here .

For the BioMeetingpoint a catalogue of business profiles and technology presents and requests will be accessible electronically and can allow participating businesses and organisations to organise their person meetings beforehand. The BioMeetingpoint features as an ‘user interface between analysis and the personal sector’ allowing new technology, processes, licenses and patents to be provided and encounter in financing, production, distribution and marketing to be requested, thus bringing compatible companions together. The BioMeetingpoint may be the ideal environment for: Enterprises providing and/or using innovative technology. Enterprises that want to get expertise and know-how in the regions of production, marketing and distribution or desire to provide this understanding to others.