Coffee protects some females against breast cancer Based on which variant of a certain gene a female has, a coffee usage rate of at least two-three cups a day may either decrease the total risk of developing breast tumor or delay the onset of cancer. That is shown in new research from Lund Malmo and University University in Sweden . The effect of coffee relates to estrogens, female sex hormones. Certain metabolic items of the hormones are regarded as carcinogenic, and various the different parts of coffee can transform the metabolism in order that a female acquires a better configuration of varied estrogens.

Cocktail of different hormones impact lust and love With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and with love in the air Dr Lisa Matthewman offers us helpful information to ‘The Mysteries of Love and Lust’ at the British Psychological Society’s ‘Psychology for All’ public event on the 26 March, University of Westminster, Marylebone Campus. Lisa stated: Using psychological theory I’ll explain the cocktail of different hormones that affect our behaviour, why our wishes can travel and frustrate us and the way the passions of our love lives can overwhelm us. Related StoriesDoes dandruff trigger psychological distress? Lisa continuing: The mysteries of like, lust and sexual attraction are fascinating. Is there such an ordinary thing as love at first sight? Can people become dependent on each other through scent and contact? Why do we like and lust? I can help you find out how to assume control or your love life and know how sex hormones can impact your behaviour both positively and negatively in romantic relationships.