today announced that they have formed a collaboration to develop and commercialize ARX788, Ambrx's most advanced internally developed site-specific antibody medication conjugate targeting Her2-positive breast cancers. Under the agreement, ZMC and Ambrx will continue the development of ARX788, with ZMC bearing the ongoing advancement cost. ZMC will receive industrial rights in China while Ambrx retains industrial rights outside of China and receives royalties on product sales of the merchandise in China.After stealing from his family members and harassing them, they placed Chen under home arrest for another two years. He escaped soon after, making it to a US embassy. Now he lives in america, speaking out about the abuses to those that will listen. You literally have got to have authorization from the government to have your own kid, he stated. Chen testified before Congress, offering the subcommittee of the home Committee on Foreign Affairs with a list of corrupt officials in Communist China he said that were accountable for no less than 130,000 pressured abortions in under one year. The officials who are on this list have consistently, during the past, persecuted me and my family, said Chen as he organized the document.