Content reveals biochemical chain of events involved with penile erection For two decades, scientists have known the biochemical factors that trigger penile erection, however, not what’s needed to maintain one . An article by Johns Hopkins researchers Now, scheduled to be released this week by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , uncovers the biochemical chain of occasions involved with that process. The given information, they say, can lead to new therapies to greatly help men who have erection dysfunction. We’ve closed a gap in our knowledge, says Arthur Burnett, M.D., professor of urology at Johns Hopkins Medication and the senior author of the study article.

Cross posted from Nature’s THE FANTASTIC Beyond blog page. An artificial pancreas which will help control the havoc-wreaking diabetes leading to hormones has been developed and successfully tested. The system originated at Boston University , and includes a blood sugar monitor and insulin pump hooked up to a laptop computer that runs a program to control the degrees of the essential hormones insulin and glucagon. Administering insulin to a type 1 diabetes patient constantly carries a threat of hypoglycaemia with it. Browse the remaining post on The Great Beyond.