And the latest technology reveals that antidepressant make use of during being pregnant is causing babies to become born with physical defects – – or occasionally not born at all because they’re miscarried. This disturbing new research released in the journal Individual Reproduction was authored by Dr. Adam Urato, obstetrician and chairman of the section of obstetrics and gynecology at MetroWest Medical Center in Framingham, Mass., and Dr. Alice Domar, a psychologist and associate professor at Harvard Medical School. The analysis shows drastically increased rates of birth defects in children who are exposed to SSRI drugs while in the womb.Which has especially been the case in Connecticut , New and Colorado York. But gun owners experienced plenty of of the constitutional abuse and are fighting back in court with lawsuits aimed at overturning these infringements upon the Second Amendment – plus they have latest U.S. Supreme Courtroom rulings as ammunition, as they say. Emily Miller of The Washington Occasions wrote May 23: People, retailers, gun-rights groupings and manufacturers joined jointly in Connecticut and Colorado this week to consider the 2013 gun-control laws to court. On Wednesday, plaintiffs filed fit in U.S.