One teaspoon of chlorella contains 90 mg of RNA and 8 mg of DNA. Chlorella has more vitamin B-12 than liver. It is virtually a complete meals and considered one of the superfoods, delivering a wind fall of nourishment to the physical body system. Chlorella contains a large number of phytochemicals, most of which have not however been identified. Chlorella can be nature’s answer to the multi-vitamin tablet concept, supplying a broad array of nutrients in bio-available form with perfect synergy highly.We are so occupied inside our lives that we lose out on having a wholesome balanced diet sometimes. A perfect diet is difficult to possess on regular basis somehow. That is why another most suitable choice is multivitamin supplements. In fact they fill the dietary gap generally in most people. They are easy to take and contain all of the nutrients that a body needs to operate at its fullest. Foods provide essential nutrition however the nutrients we complete food are usually insufficient to meet your body’s needs.