‘The importance of water movement in and out of cells can’t be understated, which paper helps to clarify what has in any other case been a muddy look at of aquaporins.’.. Aquaporin-4 plays an integral role in brain inflammation New research in the FASEB Journal shows that aquaporin-4, a water transporting protein, is important in brain inflammation via a mechanism involving astrocyte swelling and cytokine to push out a new protein, called aquaporin-4, is making waves and discovered to play a key part in brain inflammation, or encephalitis. This discovery is definitely important as the first to identify a role because of this protein in swelling, opening doors for the development of new medicines that treat brain swelling and other conditions at the cellular level instead of just treating the symptoms.A big cause of this is table meals, she said, specifically around holiday times when people give their household pets fatty foods like leftover gravy, or turkey and ham epidermis. The problem sometimes is not noticeable until it’s too past due and the pancreas leakages digestive acids, causing great pain or even loss of life. Carlson, a pet-owner herself, concedes people like their pets more than ever before which is why the pets receive these treats, but she’s noticed the downsides of pancreatitis and pet obesity on a weekly basis, so she never feeds her dogs table food. ‘You’re killing your animals with love,’ Carlson warned pet-owners. What’s the simplest way to get domestic pets to lose weight? Carlson said it’s ‘by no means too late,’ and recommends that any pet-owner with questions about their animal’s weight should visit a veterinarian.