Whilst products are available for measuring laser quality already, they may be slow, hard and cumbersome to set up, making them impractical for increasingly compact laser products. Using commercially-available liquid lens technology created for mobile phone cameras, Produced a very much smaller and even more manageable prototype NPL, able to easily characterise laser beams without sacrificing precision. This new compact laser measurement gadget has been taken into production by Arden Photonics as the BQM-50. The device runs on the low-profile, high pixel-density surveillance camera and is small and light enough to be bolted onto products – removing the need to interrupt procedure to measure the beam.We are happy with the overpowering support we’ve received from best LIS suppliers. It enables pathologists to see, manage, archive and evaluate digital images.

CMA welcomes Supreme Court ruling on Vancouver’s supervised injection facility The Canadian Medical Association welcomed today the unanimous ruling by the Supreme Courtroom of Canada allowing Vancouver’s supervised drug injection facility, Insite, to keep to operate. ‘We’re very pleased that the Supreme Courtroom ruled towards allowing Insite to keep to handle its work,’ said CMA President Dr. John Haggie. ‘While for a few that is an ideological concern, for physicians it’s about the autonomy to create medical decisions based on evidence, and the evidence demonstrates supervised injection reduces the spread of infectious diseases and the incidence of overdose and death.’ The CMA was among 10 interveners in an charm to the Supreme Courtroom by the federal government of Canada to overturn lower courtroom decisions enabling Insite to use.