Cal-EPA intents to add BPA to state’s set of chemicals recognized to cause cancer Cal-EPA signals ‘intent to list’ plastics chemical less than Prop. 65 The California Environmental Protection Company signaled intent to add bisphenol A to the state’s list of chemicals recognized to cause cancers or birth defects, adding to evidence the chemical should be banned from beverage and meals containers. Cal-EPA said BPA ‘seems to meet the criteria for listing as known to the State to trigger reproductive toxicity’ under the state’s landmark toxics rules, Proposition 65.Biogen Idec, Amicus Release Parkinson’s Collaboration Amicus Therapeutics said today it’ll partner with Biogen Idec to find small molecules that battle Parkinson’s disease by targeting the lysosomal enzyme glucocerobrosidase enzyme, with the biotech giant overseeing their further commercialization and development. The worthiness of the multiyear collaboration had not been disclosed. Biogen Idec decided to fund all discovery, advancement, and commercialization activities, in addition to reimburse Amicus for all full-time employees focusing on the task. Amicus is also permitted receive from Biogen Idec obligations based on undisclosed advancement and regulatory milestones, in addition to what it termed ‘modest’ royalties on global net product sales.