The extensive research is published online by The Lancet medical journal.. Cervical cancer vaccine gives women 4 years protection Researchers mention a vaccine that protects women against a virus that triggers cervical cancer is effective for more than four years. They say they have found that ladies given the cervical cancers vaccine Cervarix had high levels of antibodies against two of types of the individual papillomavirus for up to 4.5 years after receiving their last dose. Dr Diane Harper, of Dartmouth Medical College in New Hampshire, who conducted the trial, says the results arranged the stage for wide level adoption of HPV vaccination for prevention of cervical cancer.Its exclusive architecture uses advanced distributed processing and mobile technologies to provide the freedom to manage any kind of data, for any protocol, anywhere. Timaeus is certainly purpose-constructed to respond on-demand to the dynamic needs of studies: Style: Support both simple and complex protocols right out of the package. Start-Up: Operate globally wherever investigators and patients are located. Go-live: Incrementally go-live with web pages or validation checks because they are produced and approved, speeding data catch. Conduct: Eliminate the have to manage maintenance windows of global research.Modification: Execute amendments worldwide without site interruption.Reporting: Analyze results through real-time reporting.Timaeus 5 gives new developments to streamline operation: Ease of use: Improved usability to simplify: data access; data access; resolution of upfront validation mistakes; and response to manual queries.Flexibility: Integration of dynamic forms with Timaeus’ native adaptive trial functionality to support unscheduled visits and pages within an intuitive, efficient way.Freedom: Extended operational capabilities that allow study groups to pick from an expanded selection of Internet browsers and mobile and portable computing appliances.Efficiency: Streamlined conversation between investigators and monitors to boost efficiency and clarity of targeted supply data verification – – on-site and during remote monitoring.Insight: Expansion of Timaeus’ built-in reporting through addition of clinical business intelligence capabilities and live streaming of data into life sciences hubs and analytics systems.Timaeus HotSpot: The industry’s first lightweight eClinical suite that delivers clinicians autonomous, reliable procedure using any WiFi-enabled device.Timaeus HotSpot is the latest in Cmed Technology’s line of products empowering research organizations and study teams to operate better, in more places, with an increase of flexibility and freedom.