John Langstaff, Cangene’s president and CEO. With an elevated strategic focus on our commercial products, this European acceptance complements our attempts in the United States where we are building our sales team to strengthen our market placement. Cangene manufactures its Hepatitis B Immune Globulin in its Winnipeg service utilizing a process similar to that of WinRho SDF, Vaccinia Immune Globulin and VariZIG, the Company’s other hyperimmune products that have been approved in the usa and/or Canada..‘These findings will instantly enhance the speed of laboratory analysis in this field and will ultimately help determine whether iPS cells have a therapeutic potential equivalent to that of embryonic stem cells.’.

Arana and Greenovation in anti-cancer co-development deal Arana Therapeutics Limited and Germany-based greenovation Biotech GmbH have entered into a collaborative agreement to develop next generation anti-tumor antibodies. Arana and Greenovation will combine their particular technologies to build up up to five powerful anti-cancer antibodies. The mix of these systems is expected to result in enhanced potency next generation antibodies and far better anti-cancer therapies.