To learn more on the many great things about coconut oil and how it could assist one in obtaining optimal mental health, ensure that you browse the sources section below.. Can coconut oil help Alzheimer’s patients? Alzheimer’s disease is certainly a neurodegenerative brain condition that is included with a multibillion-dollar per year cost to the American open public, and its own takeover doesn’t appear to be slowing straight down.SOURCE Dilon Diagnostics.. American Dental Association now recommends drugging infants with toxic hydrofluorisilic acid despite known health dangers Water fluoridation is normally a hot topic nowadays as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services lately lowered their suggestion for fluoride in public areas water supplies, inducing a change in policy across the country as communities scramble to revise their fluoride-dispersing equipment. It’s taken a lot more than four years for the HHS to officially lower their suggestion on fluoride levels, which dropped from 1.2 parts per million to a maximum of 0.7ppm. The switch came due to a revised risk assessment study that found two out of five adolescents have got dental care fluorosis, a condition where tooth enamel begins to decay, leading to streaking, spottiness and some pitting.