Such patients have a nearly 50 % risk of death at one year unless they are treated. Within a continuing clinical trial, Loyola is making the device available to patients who have a one-year mortality threat of between 10 % and 50 % without treatment. Low-risk sufferers also can receive the gadget at Loyola as part of a medical trial. These low-risk individuals are randomly designated to get the device or even to go through traditional open-center surgery to replace the heart valve.. Aortic valve replacement feasible without open-heart surgery now Loyola University Medical Center is the first hospital in Illinois to implant a newly approved aortic center valve device that does not require open surgery. On March 28, Loyola became the initial Illinois medical center to implant these devices in a patient who was not component of a medical trial.An expansion is clipped to the original hair strands. The accessories have steel clips that hold the locks strands without putting unneeded strain on the locks. In this way, you could keep wearing an extension for a couple of hours. However the accessory should be removed by you after six hours or when you are feeling stress on your own hair strands. Third advantage of this accessory is that it is safe for use. There is no apprehension in using clip in human hair extensions.