Clinical PET system for early stage breast cancer diagnosis European researchers have developed a scientific PET system with the best resolution and sensitivity on the market, dedicated to breast cancer detection in first stages specifically . The MAMMI device allows doctors to start out treatments one or even 2 yrs earlier than normal and also evaluate the patient’s response to chemotherapy. These devices is currently set up in the National Cancers Institute in Amsterdam and once was setup at the clinic of the Complex University of Munich , where they have finished the clinical analysis and examined over fifty individuals.

Major risk factors resulting in a hardening of the arteries consist of smoking cigarettes and high blood circulation pressure and also genetics. Other possible factors behind TAA include trauma to the aorta and congenital illnesses such as for example Marfan’s syndrome.. Clinical trial of newest technology to treat thoracic aortic aneurysms A clinical trial is underway at a healthcare facility of the University of Pennsylvania to study the safety and efficiency of an endovascular medical device to take care of life-threatening thoracic aortic aneurysms. Ronald Fairman, MD, Chief of Vascular Surgery at HUP, can be leading the analysis at Penn and is definitely one of 35 principal investigators in North America to participate in this landmark trial.