Clearing up the NHS UNISON is urging wellness ministers to bring back hospital cleaners, whose amount has almost halved previously 20 years. The union believes even more cleaners on the wards would reassure the general public and help stamp out superbugs such as for example MRSA and c.difficile. It has warned that to do that effectively, the federal government needs to set recruitment targets for NHS cleaners.?.Health workers have already been pushing for brand-new standards since two Dallas medical center nurses were identified as having the condition this month after treating an Ebola patient. The rules demand face shields, hoods, boot covers and additional garb that leave no section of the body exposed. They also call for a trained monitor to supervise the doffing and donning of protective wear. And they call for repeated schooling and practice. CBS This morning hours Healthwatch Dr. LaPook on stricter CDC Ebola suggestions for health employees The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made a change to their guidelines for healthcare workers treating Ebola individuals.