And that was considered as one of the reasons why the military’s plan of denial was in place. With five of the six incidents that wounded munitions disposal technicians, the weapons had been designed in the USA, built in Europe, and filled up with chemical agents by Western businesses in Iraq, as reported in an earlier 2014 NY Times expose. To personalize this issue, the NY Moments spotlighted the mustard burns experienced by Professional Richard T.The toxin produces comparable results whether ingested, inhaled, or with a wound. Enough time course and intensity of disease vary with path of exposure and dosage received. Symptom onset can be slower after inhalation publicity. Signs and Symptoms Symptoms may occur hours to many days after exposure. Initial symptoms and indicators include blurred vision, dilated pupils, problems swallowing, problems speaking, an altered tone of voice, and muscle mass weakness. After 24-48 hours, muscles weakness and paralysis could cause the person to struggle to breathe. Varying examples of muscular weakness may occur. Diagnosis Paralysis may indicate the current presence of this exposure.