But there’s more – – the FBI has urged local authorities to harass and offer information. A Food Not really Bombs site reports that private security brokers from large companies, like Monsanto, are also involved with meals activist monitoring and surveillance. The War on Terror is the cover for all this intimidation of citizens actively concerned about the continuing future of meals quality and food independence. A compliant press and dumbed down population allows it. ( Ron Paul is certainly our only real wish in restoring fundamental liberty in the us, as Obama, Bush and everybody else provides abandoned those principles..The New York Times: Lawsuit Attempts To Block New Arizona Abortion Regulation Several doctors and women’s rights advocates challenged Arizona’s fresh abortion limitations in a federal government lawsuit on Thursday, claiming that they violate the Constitution and pose a threat to women’s health . The law was signed by Republican Governor Jan Brewer in April, handing Republicans a earn in an ongoing nationwide drive to impose better limitations on abortion in a presidential election yr . Arizona Republic: Lawsuit Challenges Arizona Abortion Restrictions Three Arizona abortion providers went to federal courtroom Thursday to attempt to block an Arizona rules that bans most abortions beginning at 20 weeks.