As the healing value of purple corn becomes apparent, researchers have jumped in to document its many benefits, and supplement companies have got rolled out purple corn extracts. The one thing missing from all of this is someone to put purple corn in the produce parts of the local food markets. Why you might want to develop purple corn The global globe is in a time of rapid change, moving away from dependence on chemical substances and toward green living. This includes the movement toward green health care. People have had plenty of of the disease establishment and have learned there is usually nothing in it for them. This coming age will be among personal empowerment where even more of us are prepared to accept responsibility for ourselves including our health and wellness status.Reporters wished to know whether there is actually an FBI investigation. Joe Sandler and Andy Kimbrell explained there is. Sandler remarked a call have been received by him from an FBI agent, Jason Jones, after a complaint have been delivered to the Dept. Of Justice. The complaint comprehensive the fake assertions in advertisements and in the Voter Information. The FBI agent offered the impression that the FDA will be consulted, to discover if indeed they knew their recognized seal have been utilized by the NO ON 37 organizers.